Collection: The Affirmation Shirt Collection

Holding Space for Self Love. 

Our affirmation shirts help create a reminder throughout the day & night. 

We need as much positivity as we can find. The change begins with You. Loving You. Reminding You. 

The words in this collection are mirrored, as to gift you an affirmation each time You stand before your reflection or even take a selfie! 



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  • Affirmation Mask - I love Your Smile
  • I Meditate. You’re Welcome.
  • Peaceful.
  • I Love Your Smile -
  • I'm Successful. How Are You?
  • Honor Your Capacity.
  • I Am Love.
  • It's The Peace For Me -
  • I'm Proud Of You -
  • Trust Your Instinct -
  • You Are Magnificent -